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eLumen LED Lighting Solutions Co. Ltd.

日期:2015-03-30 10:07:53

Shenzhen, one lumen Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a research, production, sales and service for one, specializes in LED lighting, decoration, backlight and application of high-tech products integrated enterprise. Our headquarters in Hong Kong, factories in Shenzhen, China, is responsible for product development and production.

The company has advanced production equipment and professional sound production facility, bringing together the industry experienced, high-quality, high standards of modern management, has attracted a high level of professional and technical development personnel, all employees in the company's efforts in product quality, costs and delivery terms have been professional operation and control. Through cooperation with internationally renowned companies Osram, Cree, Luxeon, Nichia LED, it is to achieve the professional standards of products and overall lighting effect.

Competitive price, stable quality, good reputation and excellent product to make one lumen optoelectronic inline won international brands recognized as long-term partners:
Panasonic, GE, Philips, Simens, Cooper Lighting, Pace ...... .. and so on.

One lumen is committed to developing a variety of efficient and environmentally friendly light source, the LED products at the most reasonable prices went into every consumer's life, so that every corner of the world's future is full of green and environmental protection, which is every one lumen photoelectric relentless pursuit of dreams and employees.

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